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Members get premium brands, Gin cocktails

and other special options not available to the general public


Gin Cocktails

coming soon to the VIP bar, tasty Gin cocktails


R10 Shooters all night 

the wood bar now serves a dubious range of R10 shooters all night



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Member zone

Origin Membership

Membership Benefits


✭ Private Members Lounge ☆

✭ VIP area ☆

✭ Cheaper Drink Prices than public ☆

✭ Discounted or Free Entry ☆

✭ Free Hubbly Bubblys ☆

✭ Prioritised Entry and Queue jump ☆

✭ Half Price drinks til 10pm ☆

✭ Exclusive Party Space ☆

✭ Keep your card barcode on your phone


Applying for Membership

Origin membership tiers are all exclusive, and aren't offered to the general public.


New members are added by invitation, or by the recommendation of an existing member. Or sometimes just cos you're awesome :) xx





PURPLE membership is the most popular tier, as it comes with fantastic benefits yet it's completely free.


Card Features


1) Discounted entry every Saturday night

2) Queue jump

3) Members-free parties every month or two

4) Members only bar with drinks specials every weekend

5) No annual membership fees





apply for PURPLE membership




The newest addition to the range of Origin membership cards, the BLUE card provides unrivalled value and benefits, allowing free entry to Origin every Saturday until 10pm, including International acts, headliners, and special events, at the cost of a paltry R250 for the entire year!



Card Features

1) Free entry every Saturday night until 10pm

2) Free entry on many Friday and midweek nights 

3) Queue jump every night

4) Plus all other features of Purple cards

5) Low cost annual fee of R250



apply for BLUE membership




LIME cards entitle the holder to free entry all night, every Saturday night, including International acts, headliners, and special events, and provide VIP area access.



Card Features

1) Free entry every Saturday night at any time

2) VIP area access

3) Includes all benefits of Purple & Blue cards





apply for LIME membership.  Annual fee R550




Industry cards are designed for those folks working in a restaurant, bar, nightclub, dance hall, theatre, stage, caberet, erotic bar, pub, or other entertainment venue.


Whether you are a waiter or manager, a pole dancer or pole cleaner, you are welcome to finally get a bit of fun for yourself after your tedious shift, whilst the rest of us have been giving it large all night



Card Features

1) Free entry after 1am every night occasionally earlier

2) Entry permitted even after gates are closed at 3am

3) Includes the members-free parties every month or two

4) Includes the members bar with drinks specials

5) No annual fee

Available to late night workers. 


Apply for an Industry Card





BLACK membership is the uppermost V.I.P tier



Card Features

1) Free entry every night, any night, all night, any time

2) Entry even if gates are closed to public

3) Free guest with all the same priviliges

4) VIP access all areas, every night, plus a guest




apply for BLACK membership. Annual fee R1,400

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