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Origin Membership Tiers

From free plans to paid VIP packages

  • Basic (free plan)

    Level 1
    Free Plan
    • Entry discounts (occasional)
    • Earn Reward points
    • Member-only website
    • Access Live DJ sets

    Level 2 plan
    Valid for one year
    • Free Entry every week*
    • Earn Reward points
    • Member-only website
    • Access Live DJ sets
  • Popular


    VIP plan
    Valid for 12 months
    • VIP Entry (All events)
    • Access Live DJ sets
    • Earn Reward points
    • Drinks Specials (in VIP area)
    • VIP Area Access

    4 995R
    Top Level VIP plan
    Valid for one year
    • Access Member website
    • Access Live DJ sets
    • Earn Reward points
    • Free VIP Entry every weekend
    • Free Plus1 for all events
    • VIP Bar Access
    • Drinks Specials (in VIP area)
    • Queue Jump right to the front
    • Instant entry even when queue is stopped


Plan Information

The KAIZEN plan is the smart membership choice for most clubbers, offering weekly* free entry into the club, making it perfect for those who want to have a regular good night out without breaking the bank. With an entire year of entry this plan pays for itself within just 5 or 6 visits, so it'll a blatant steal for party monsters. With this plan, you'll also get access to members website with live sets, member-only promotions and discounts.


The SATORI plan is a step up and offers weekly* VIP entry into the nightclub, along with drinks specials and access to VIP areas. This plan is perfect for those who are looking for a more exclusive night out. With this plan, you'll get all the features of the Kaizen plan, plus all the VIP benefits.


The Samsara plan is the same as Satori except that there are never any events in the year where the plan is restricted


The top tier of Origin VIP member status is the MERAKI plan, which allows unbridled entry to the club at any time, on any night, any event, and with a plus1 guest. It's the only plan that doesn't even require the holder to download a QR code. Simply arrive at the front door. Any time, any night, with a guest. It's also the only. plan that allows QUEUE JUMP right to the front. The MERAKI plan will even grant immediate entry on any night, even if the queue has been halted or stopped due to capacity. Your space is always reserved, even on huge events like Halloween or big international headliners.

* Weekly entry T&C

Please note that Kaizen & Satori plans include free entry every week, however there are 2 or some years, a maximum of 3 special events per year that may be excluded. Typically, it's only Halloween, NYE and possibly 1 International headliner event, those will be the only 3 events excluded throughout the 52 weeks of the year. Plan holders will usually still be entitled to substantial discounts for these events, as well as any preferential benefits. Should there be Friday or midweek events, hosted by 3rd party promoters, although unlikely some of these may be excluded too. Most party seekers won't miss a handful of events in a whole year, considering the annual membership is paid off within just a few visits. However, for those who seek unrestricted entry every night, any night, any time, 365 nights a year, choose SAMSARA or MERAKI plans.

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