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Birthday Guestlist

Let Orries help you make magical memories

Is the list for yourself?

Organiser details

The person organising the guest list, and to whom the tickets will be sent.

Birthday Person details

The person whose actual birthday it is. We allow any date within 2 weeks of the actual birthday date.

Event Details

What date you would like to host the birthday party at Origin, and how many guests you would ideally like to request. 

How many guests would you like

Origin members qualify for bigger guest lists, better dates, and more benefits.

Want a Big Party?

If you are looking for a special event with over 30 guests, e.g a 21st or 40th or 50th, or 18th, or engagement party, graduation party, etc Origin can offer magical event packages.

Request successfully submitted. We will contact you via email to confirm.

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If it's your birthday, you are welcome to enjoy a VIP guest list on us. Please inbox us with your details and we will try to accommodate your requests as far as possible.

Birthday event date at Origin can be anywhere within two weeks around your actual birthday date.

If you've been an Origin member of any plan including the Basic free plan, you are entitled to a larger guests list.

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