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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we play only our own material?

Ideally yes, if you have enough material then please play 100% your own tracks. However many producers don't yet have sufficient tracks, so it's fine if you mix it up, but please ensure that the content is very similar to your own. The producer series is intended to expose the Durban partying public to the music being produced right here in their home town, and perhaps introduce them to a new genre. Don't suddenly drop a cheesy beatport top 10 track in the middle of some half time raggea dub, just to get a few people dancing. Rather keep the set strictly to the same feel and vibe as your own tracks, and play those top artists within your genre, and who are your personal inspiration artists that that drive your own composition style. 

I don't have enough material for a full set

That's no problem. If you only have 3 or 4 songs that are ready to be played to a listening audience, then just schedule a shorter set time. You can mix in some other appropriate content that compliments your sound from other artists, but provided that your set remains very specific in feel to your own material.

Can I exit my set early?

Yes you are welcome to exit early. For example, if your latest mastering technique turned out to be an ear bleeding inner canal assassination, then by all means please cut your set short! There's a backup playlist that's always running, simply put that back on.

There's 3 of us in our band, will we fit?

Yes. We've built a new DJ console designed for live performances that is big enough for 3 people, plus a pile of kit. Mind you, that's three out of work struggling skinny band members, not the big fat band manager too 

Can I plug up my equipment

Yes, you can bring absolutely any kit you want. The new DJ box in the wood bar is specially designed for large arrays of equipment, so you can plug in whatever you want - whether it's just a laptop, or a pile of pads and boxes connected to an Ableton live laptop and you can loop and play your stems live.

Do I need to DJ or mix my tracks?

Nope. Do what you want. You can beatmix your tracks, or to play them separately, from start to finish, and even leave a few seconds silence in between, before starting the next one. You can also introduce your tracks over the mic, and talk about them, if you want, or you can mix em up from break to break. Present your work however you want. 

How busy is the floor I'll be on?

It's not a heaving peak hour session, intentionally for 2 reasons. Firstly, it's early in the evening, and secondly, it's in a fairly small room. So don't expect a huge floor of sweaty dancers. That being said, there are drinks specials at the time, plus you get a huge guest list, so there should always be a nice vibe whilst you play or perform your tracks, but at the same time being a more chilled environment also means you don't have to stress if a new track bombs. Just fade it out and play another!

Do we have to perform live?

Not at all. This is all about simply playing your music to an audience. So whilst live is always great and definitely preferred, there's no need whatsoever. You can simply play each track one at a time off a CD or laptop. 

What is the equipment spec?

There are 2x Pioneer CDJ 1000 and a Pioneer DJ600 mixer. Please note these decks are CD based and not USB based. You may bring any of your own equipment

Do we get paid for our performance

Not much! This series has been setup to provide a fun platform for producers to play their work to an engaged audience, recruit new fans, and expose the music, without costing the club too much. A nominal fee to cover your costs would be expected, and we give you a bar tab and a guest list, but this isn't a platform that will afford any lavish performance fees. If you've been invited to perform, it means Origin rates your production standard, and we're trying to help you get others to love your music too, in a way that doesn't cost us too much.

Do we get a guestlist

Yes, as the featured producer for the night, you get a huge guestlist of up to 20 people, to ensure that you can have your friends and fans present for a good vibe.

Do we get any bar tab?

Yes, a bartab is provided, either to celebrate your glorious victory, or to ease your nerves, or perhaps drown your sorrows if people didnt think your stuff was amazing as you thought it was, and threw bottles and rotten tomatoes at you to get the clanging stink fest shutdown.

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