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Opening Hours

Origin will be open every Saturday, starting October 9th whilst strict adherence to Covid protocols will be observed:


6pm - 11pm

Origin is monitoring the situation carefully, and the well being of our fam is our principle objective.We strongly support the drive for full vaccinations, as this will enable the economy to restart and the party to KICK OFF! 

9 Clark Road, Durban, SA

Subaquatic Life
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Located in the historic Winston Hotel, the Origin is an entertainment wonderland, featuring 5 different lounge areas set across all three levels of the hotel.

Each area features booths, tables and seating areas which are all well spaced for social distancing, whilst boasting their own individual identity, decor, music, and atmosphere.

Origin now makes pizza fresh and hot to order every Friday & Saturday.

Numerous bars, lounges, chill out areas, a balcony and rooftop terrace ensure that there's a cosy adventure waiting for you wherever you book your table.


9 Clark Road, Durban, South Africa.