Origin Valentine Party

Origin Valentine

Saturday 11th February 2017

Voluptuously presented by Savanna Loco


R60,000 BAR TAB


R60,000 Bar Tab



Whaaat? sounds like bullshit!!!

Oh Oh Oh!!! We are mortally offended that you could even think that!

This is 100% legit bar tab, calculated thustly: 1,000 party people getting 4 or 5 drinks each at 20 or 30 bucks a drink cruelly stacks up a bank-bleeding Sixty Large



What's the catch?

Well, that’s exactly it. There’s a catch. In fact there’s 5 catches!



Hmmm.. Go on..

The catches are more fun than catching a fish with a net, and that analogy is pretty good. Especially when you are the fish!

It's all for a good laugh, the catches will lead you on an adventure game that may just result in one of the most interesting, fun, social, fruitful nights out that you’ve had in ages.


Whoa! Sounds cool.. How does it work?

Everyone coming into Origin gets a string with 5 items dangling on it. Just match your items up with anyone in the whole club to unlock free booze and prizes. 


You can sling it around your neck as a necklace, wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet, tie it on to your jeans, or just stuff it into your handbag or pocket for later.



How the game works


Scoring has never been so easy 



1. Bring your string

So you get yer 5 items on a string from the front desk cashier. Mingle and jingle your way through the club just as you normally do, dancing / smoking / chatting / whatver, except this time along the way, you will find and meet people who have matching items, or perhaps they will approach you. 



2. Meet your matches

Every time you and someone else have a matched item, simply go together to the bar, hand in your matched pair to any bar, and grab a free drink each. Whatever you want, whenever you want. The game runs all night.



3. Get your icy cold booze!

So straight off the bat, you could get 5 drinks, for the 5 items on your string. Or at least have a great laugh along the way, as you meet dozens of cool, crazy, twisted, beautiful, freaky and funky party people along the way.


Full gameplay details further down the page


once you get


✔︎ play the wheel of miss fortune


✔︎ get married in the tacky Vegas wedding chapel


✔︎ blow tequila kisses at Veranda Panda


✔︎ take classy pictures in the toiletsex photobooth


✔︎ dance til the tears roll down your cheeks


✔︎ go back and play the string game some more!

Wedding Chapel

Seedy Vegas Wedding

Get married in Origin style, drunk and disorderly!





Origin Valentine is great fun for couples too, not just for the  singles and flingles 😁


Get married in the seedy Vegas chapel 

and take home your fake wedding certificate ❣️ 


Drop down on all fours

Whatever the reason, wangle your way to the wayward Origin chapel, and drop to your knees for the proposal.



Give fate the finger and put destiny in your own hands!!!

It's Valentine's day, and you can leave nothing to chance. It's time to take matters off the risky hands of fate, and put destiny firmly back under your own control. By spinning the wheel of Miss Fortune! 


Perhaps you meet some awesome new friends through Origin's cool games? Don't risk a wrong suggestion or a bad turn of events, simply go play the wheel, and let the spin decide your next move.


You can blame all the resulting catastrophes and aftermath on Origin. Just like normal 🙄


The wheel runs in Absolut bar, EngineRoom, 10.00pm - 2.00m

the wheel of miss fortune

Dirty Toilet Sex


Standard Reload


Not that we'd need to create a special cubicle for this photobooth, we could just send a photographer up to the toilets on some nights!! But for Valentine special event there's no expense spared, and there will be a suitably flimsy dirty cubicle dedicated to it's purpose with large comfortable size :)


Recreate all the charm of a romantic Valetine's date, in Origin's filthy toilet cubicle



Use it how you want, get a photographer, or not. Or get a voyeur, or three. Or just lock yourselves in there like you would any normal toilet cubicle! 




Gameplay Details

How to play - and how to win



Each String has 5 items

Each string will contain 5 items. The string is long enough to go around your neck as a necklace, or wrap around your wrist as a bracelet. Whenever you find someone with a matching part (or they find you) you simply take off the matched pair of items from your strings, and hand them in to any bar, and exchange the pair for a pair of drinks! whatever each of you want.



Item 1 - Odds of 1 in 10

This is the easiest item of the lot to match up, as one in every 10 people in the club will have a matched!



Item 2 - Odds of 1 in 20

Now that your first drink is easily down the hatch, and you've broken the ice and got yourself into the game, you're on to the fun part, of mingling your way through a bigger variation of people


Item 3 - Odds of 1 in 20

This item has average odds, with a 1 in 12 chance of finding a matching padlock for your key, or vice versa. However it does require the 2 individuals to get fairly close and personal in order to "slip it in quick and check if it fits"



Item 4 - Odds of 1 in 52

Playing cards, This item has seemingly low odds of finding a match, as there are 52 cards in a deck, and you must find an identical card. Seems a long shot, but actually it's really easy to do, as you have only to "flash" other gamers, and they can flash you back. So if you're on a loud dance floor you can exchange flashes in a second, with minimal interaction, talking, or distraction from the music. Yes, we were very clever with this one. We know, thank you. Oh, and Jokers can be any card, so if you get a joker, you can take your pick of the entire club cos everyone in the club will be your match!


Item 5 - Wildcards

This is a secret category. Figure out how to match the item amongst yourselves.

There are no identical items here, and this item isn't a game of snap. Here you pair items together based upon some connection between them. Like a bee and a flower, a fox and chicken, moon and stars, etc. But you can be creative, talkative, sneaky and cheeky, to find a common link between items!



Honestly! We knew you'd end up here at the very bottom of the site..


You Dirty Bottom Feeder!


Oiy! Origin may indeed be located in Clark road, amidst Durban's most notorious whorehouse and crack den business cluster, but we aren't in the business of selling sex. No, we make that available for free 😝



We've done the spade work..

We've crafted every possible easy opportunity for you to meet up with like minded party people, make awesome new friends, and let your Origin encounters take you on new adventures.



Orries Peace & Love..

Above all, whether it's clean or dirty, sober or drunk, bent or straight, faulty or functional, Orries wishes you all an abso-fucking-lutely amazing Valentines, wherever you go, and whatever you do, hope your cute ass gets the attention it so well deserves 



xxx 💋 mwah xoxox ❤️


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