Fresh producers every week

Every week Origin will feature a local music producer who we feel has talent and is going places, and who deserves to get their work heard by a music loving audience and a wider group of the public. 


There are some amazing local artists starting to blossom in our city and across SA, and Origin is proud to support them in any small way.

Playing their own tracks

The artists will play their own material, alongside very similar material from other artists within the same genre, or perhaps who are inspirational artists for the producer. Performances will be in the wood bar from 8pm - 10.30pm each Saturday night. 


Producers will perform in the wood bar each Saturday, 8pm - 10.30pm


Below is a list of the producers, bands, artists and musicians who are scheduled to play their own works at Origin. 


Newly signed to Sony Music Entertainment. Self taught producer with international releases playing on the radio in the USA and UK. With productions from drum and bass, trap, hip hop to house and kwaito. His sets include live instruments and vocalists from Durban

Hendrik Joerges

One of Durban's long running producers, Hendrik featured a Radio 5 chart hit, and had a track signed to Ministry of Sound compilation where it was the opening track.


Techno and minimal producer and heavyweight DJ, Syzo signed to several record labels including Bosphorus Underground, Rabies Records, Hungry Koala Records.


London bred and London trained in audio engineering, Icarus aka Turk von Blosenhausen aka Kurdie is one of those annoying producers who can turn their hand to any genre and crank out a quality tune.. whilst they having a conversation with someone else and holding a drink in their other hand


One of Durban's best producers in Trap and Future bass, Daynik produces crystal clear quality, musically complex song writing, interesting melodies, with bang up to date soundscapes.

Rain SA

Rain has been pouring down tracks for almost 10 years. With strong releases on Adapted Records, Celcius, Upscale Recordings, Code 2 Records, and Diva records, and has produced something in every genre imaginable, plus a few unimaginable ones, with even more alias artist names than releases. Rain's alter ego and predominant soul occupier is Jeffrey, who breaks everything.


Long time producers and DJs and well known mask-wearing hopsters playing gangster and ghetto beats wherever they go.


Funky groove driven techno, Lewis is also an Origin resident DJ. He's signed to various labels including Lethal Dose Recordings, Whoyostro, and Harvibal. Lewis sticks rigidly to his signature flavour of techno and is King within it.


One of the many faces and genres of the Icarus and Rain duo, their bad muti moniker serves up an unhealthy dose of heavy neuro beats, thrashy glitch hop, alongside some poisonous rerubs.


Producing some dark techno, melodic house and sumptuous deep vibes, Strider has a quality sounds stamping down a 4 on the floor

Geckled never speaks

A ridiculous trio of poor eye sighted geeks making nuero hop, glitch, drum n bass and anything with a filthy reece bassline and a broken beat


A newcomer to the scene but already having numerous releases, u4ea produces a progressive techno style with strong melodic content.


Born in the town of Birkenhead, England in 1999, Aran Davies is BAD HABIT, producing a range of electro and EDM styles.

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