Origin Industry Pass

Do you work in a late night venue?

We know what it's like working late, and wanting to go out for a little drink or a dance after a long night at work. But for many waiters, managers, dancers, drivers, cleaners, bar staff, and other workers, it's often too late by the time you've cashed up, and most venues are closing already.


Or, it just seems silly to spend money on entry fee for a club which is in the last few hours of trading. Ooh don't you worry. Little Orries has thought of everything for you ♥ 


Origin Industry cards are offered to all staff working at recognised Durban late night venues. 

Access Origin after gates are closed

We know how frustrating it is to work all night and then be denied entry to the club because it's too late. The Origin Industry pass permits late-night access to Origin, even after our front gates have closed to the general public. Entry is permitted after the usual 3am gate closing time, and you can normally enter right up to 5am. Simply show your card or your membership on your phone, to the front gate security.



Free Entry

Entrance is completely free after 1am, although if you happen to be a little earlier some nights, we won't be too strict on time, provided the club has available capacity.

Annual Fee

No annual fee.

To apply please submit your application below.

Card Application

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