Halloween 2020

2020 .. What a weird topsy turvy year, it'll be a reassuring and comforting to get back to the sanity and normality of a horrifying Origin Halloween event 😂


After nearly half a year of staying indoors and following all sorts of weird new society protocols, we are finally starting to be allowed back out. And it couldst have arrived at a better time, for Origin’s annual Halloween epic party.


Halloween falls bang on Saturday Oc 31st and Origin will once again lay down a Hollywood production on both nights - Friday 30th and Sat 31st October 


This year however, some things will be a little different, some very different, and some things will be exactly the same.



  • You can expect the same epic production quality 

  • You can expect to make use of the extra pair of clean undies you packed

  • Kickass party with awesome music and DJs all over the club

  • An engine room with amazing decor and halloween vibe

  • A giant haunted hotel to explore

  • Halloween actors, decor, scares and pranks, all over the club 

  • The best sound, lighting and SFX in every room

  • The best laughs and best night out

  • Mad dressed up Halloween people all up for a laugh


  • Numbers will be dramatically reduced according to government regs, and this means extremely limited tickets.

  • Opening times will of course be very different, due to the pesky curfew. We’re opening up at 5pm, and closing at 11.30pm. We’ll try to get our doors open at 4pm if possible, to avoid any congestion or queues at the front door. Music, actors, Djs, and production will all run from 5pm - 11.30pm so you still get a full 6 hours of halloween fun.

  • There are now numerous tables, booths and extra seating areas, for you to safely chill with your mates.

  • Dance floors won't operate as they used to, you are encouraged to dance at your table or booth, or at least only with your own group, and if you do find people clustering, there are now physical spacers like trees and decor objects, that are positioned all around the floors, that ensure people are well socially distanced from each other, whilst keeping a cool vibe and energy throughout the crowd.

  • Origin now serves food! Yes thats very different, and actually rather surprisingly, that pizza is pretty delicious! 😂 😋 served hot and fresh, all night.

  • There are now a great many more tables and booths in the club, so it’s much easier to find a seat and chill than it used to, to kick back and chill in safety with your crew. Depending on how safe your own crew is 😝

  • Booth bookings aren't essential for this night, as most folks wander around the haunted house and don't sit in the same place for long, but please do sanitise each time you sit down at a table, with one of the many pumps available at every bar. 



  • Many folks already wear a mask to halloween, and thats great for covid-safety. So this year, lets try take it even further - and wherever and whoever possible, please wear masks. And if you can, incorporate your mask fully into your outfit design so that it become part of your look, and comfy to keep it on the whole night.

  • Most tickets were pre-sold in the last couple of years, and this year will be no different. Tickets will be sold direct through the origin site, and If you have any problems to purchase through our site, let us know and we’ll make other arrangements for you.



Dream Ticket


Ticket prices are being kept at more or less the same level as they’ve been the past 2 years. We’ve had to squeeze a tiny bit extra out of the ticket price, to account for the lower capacity allowance this year, whilst still ensuring your Origin level Halloween production values are upheld. 


We don’t know if there will be any space for door sales yet, as it’s fairly likely all tickets will sell out online, but if there are door sales, it may be a little higher price.

R130 ticket

🌚  R200 not in theme

🌚  R130 in theme (PS tickets are sold at R200 but R70 in bar voucher given upon arrival to all dressed in halloween theme)

Buy your ticket here


Ticket link: https://www.theorigin.co.za/tickets



Dancefloor devastation directed by demonically deranged DJs:

🌟  Melodica

🌟  Craig Rude

🌟  Syzo

🌟  Bass Odyssey

🌟  Beebz

🌟  Icon

🌟  Musique

🌟  Knott

🌟  Sennora

🌟  B-Rad

🌟  Carly O

🌟  Cam

🌟  Rain Deer

🌟  Icarus ft Icarus

🌟  Bouncy Titti