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Create a New List
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Attach me to a list
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View Boarding Pass

⚠️ Enrol to activate

Login Page

Please login or sign up to Origin's member system to activate your guest list functionality

ℹ️ More info

Guest List Login

🙅‍♀️ In order to activate your guest list functionality, it's necessary to create a members profile for yourself, that can be used by Origin's front desk system. It's free and quick to setup.


📅 The front desk requires specific details to process your entry, like contact info, guest names, VIP status, membership discounts, and more.


🔐 Your member profile will also allow you to access all guest features and your other member benefits, even if you arrive without your phone or a members card. 

🌼help & info

Create New List

Use this option if you are organising your birthday, or hens night, or any special occasion. Once you've selected a date for your event, you will be given a code, which your guests may use to attach themselves to your list.

Attach to a List

Use this option to attach to someone else's birthday or special occasion, once they have provided you a code for their list.

Boarding Pass

This is your confirmation of guest list entry. You can only have one date in the system at any one time.

Change Booking

We know plans change all the time, and if you are moving your celebration date, we'll try our best to accommodate you.

When is the list approved?

Once you select a date and provide the details for your event, ​the request is reviewed, and then approved or rejected. You can check the status at any time by clicking on "view my boarding pass" 

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